The Rat King

Oh Rat King, your many-headedness guides us always.
We sing your praises, oh Rat King, for you see all danger.
Eight eyes protect the kingdom from all you perceive.

Oh Rat King, your tails form such a strong knot.
Though many you are, they keep you whole.
Twist and turn as you might, the one that guides is always you.

Oh Rat King, how are we to follow your guidance?
With each harvest, though it remains you, your Self changes.
With each harvest, though it remains you, your laws change.

Oh Rat King, what good is a ruler with no Self?
You snarl and bite at yourself, unable to find an enemy.
You snarl and bite at yourself, knowing you are an enemy.

Oh Rat King, we leave now in search of a better kingdom.
We leave now, with prayers for a cure for your singular Self.
And so we say, “Long live the king.”

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