Here are some blogs that I recommend, and regularly check in on myself.

I also have a list of more general online resources I share on my Links page.



A good friend of mine who specializes in front-end UI/UX, and minimalism

Cashmere Crypt

Same friend as above, but this time it’s their more personal, web 1.0 style site.


A long time programming and art friend. Works in assorted mediums, drawing cartoons and furries. Also posts the occasional web dev project.


A friend of mine with a colorful and positively gaudy mid 00’s Neocities website. Posts about whatever she’s got going on.



An infosec and technology blogger. Also has a great list of assorted infosec tools.

James’ Coffee Blog

A fellow IndieWeb enthusiast with a diverse ranges of writing topics.


A tech and cybersec blogger with a delightfully web 1.0 style site.

Sebastian League on YouTube

Not exactly a blog, but definitely worth watching. One of the best teachers of complex programming I’ve ever seen. All his videos are 10 outta 10’s.


IndieWeb author with a focus on accessibility and software freedom.

The Universe of Discourse

The blog of Mark Dominus. Writes about a wide variety of topics including tech, mathematics, and just whatever comes to his mind.


A small community of hackers that write about assorted cybersec topics an homelab-type projects.

Troy Hunt

Creator of HaveIBeenPwned. Always a good read whenever someone’s had a major data breach.

Untitled Webring

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