What follows is a list of all the various projects I’ve worked on over the years, as well as a short blurb about them. Not all of them are complete, or even functioning. I think that’s fine though. They’re still something I worked on, and something I learned from. Most of them have more info about them once you click through.

With all my projects, I encourage you to checkout the source code.

10-key Encoding

No alt text

A novel encoding method based on the classic 10-key cellphone input

DLA - A Naive Approach

An example of the result of running a Diffuse-limited Aggregation simulation

My first attempt creating a Diffusion-limited Aggregated simulation

PentaBit Cipher

The logo for the PentaBit Cipher. A pentagram with of 1's and 0's is in the foreground. Behind it is a pyramid of 1's and 0's.

A key-based cipher of my own creation that works with the 5 lower bits in a byte. Think you can crack it?


A preview of the N-Body project

Following a tutorial from Hunar Ahmad, I created a particle simulation from which complex entities can emerge.

Straddling Checkerboard

No alt text

A straddling checkerboard-style cipher I originally wrote back in 2017. Think you can crack it?

The Apis Cipher

No alt text

The Apis Cipher is my own spin on the classic Caeser Cipher, and draws inspiration from other implementations such as ROT13 and the A1Z26 cipher.
Give it a try, and see if you can crack it ;)

Conway's Game of Life

A preview image of the Conway's Game of Life project

This is my own implementation of Conway’’s Game of Life. Completing this project has always been a huge goal of mine, as I’’ve always been fascinated with population simulations.

Cellular Automata Caves

A preview image of the Caves project

In this project, I made use of the engine I created for my implementation of Conway’s Game of Life to create natural looking “cave” systems.


A preview image of the Hex Grid Generator project

I created this as a tool to create the hexagonal grid you see in the sidebar. Since I couldn’t find a similar tool online, I went ahead and created my own.

Procedural Circles

A preview image of the Procedural Circles project

This project aimed to improve on my Critters project by adding something to the Critters that could be effected by their genes. In this case, their body shape. Using the code here, I could generate unique bodies for the Critters. While complete, it never saw implementation.


A preview image of the Critters project

Critters is an attempt at creating a population simulation while using a “genetic algorithm”. It’s not really a genertic algorithm, as it’s largely static values that don’t have much affect on the populace, but it certainly emulates one.
Despite missing the mark of a true genetic algorithm, the Critters are still one of my proudest accomplishments.

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