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The Hive is my corner of the web to be myself. I like to write on a wide array of topics ranging from technology, cryptography, hacking, philophy, and just general life "things". I also post JavaScript prototypes from time to time, which you can find in my projects directory.

If you want to drop me a line, email me at the address in the footer. To keep things private, use my public key.

Indie Web

I am huge supporter of the Indie Web movement, and thus make use of a lot of the principals and features that drive it. I encourage anyone and everyone to participate, and help take back the internet from the monopolies who try to keep us subjugated.

Recent Blog Posts

Inside Me Are Two Wolves

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An introspective piece about two sides of my coin

An Ode to Lost Friends

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We all lose people in life, but just because they’re gone doesn’t mean they’re forgotten

Deobfuscating a Malware Stager

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In this post I demonstrate my methods for deobfuscating a PHP malware staging script

Featured Projects

10-key Encoding

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A novel encoding method based on the classic 10-key cellphone input

DLA - A Naive Approach

An example of the result of running a Diffuse-limited Aggregation simulation

My first attempt creating a Diffusion-limited Aggregated simulation

PentaBit Cipher

The logo for the PentaBit Cipher. A pentagram with of 1's and 0's is in the foreground. Behind it is a pyramid of 1's and 0's.

A key-based cipher of my own creation that works with the 5 lower bits in a byte. Think you can crack it?

Untitled Webring

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