Often times I find myself wanting to write about a subject, but then I realize I don’t have a full essay to write on the subject, so I just write nothing.

This section of the site will give me an excuse to post these partial thoughts.

Sic Erat Scriptum

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Everyone knows what that means, right?

A Music List

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A list of songs I like based on a template for getting to know your friends’ tastes I found on Facebook

Sadness - Making and Receiving

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I struggle finding the balance between feeling sad, and just making myself sad. In this post, I explore this idea.

The Rat King

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A poem dedicated to The Rat King.

Rules For Me And Not For Thee

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A void-aimed complaint that wish to live in community that agrees with me.

Define "Terrorist"

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Always question why your enemies are your enemies.

Untitled Webring

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