Here are a list of resources around the web that I find worth of keeping track of. Some are legitimately useful, and others are just fun or silly or interesting.

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Posts I Liked

A collection of specific blog posts from around the web that I liked. May or may not include justifications.



  • IndieWebCamp - THE home page for the IndieWeb movement.
  • IndieWebify.Me - A guide to setting up your site for success on the IndieWeb.
  • Into to XFN - A guide on using the XHTML Friends Network. I use this to put those icons in front of my links!

Cyber Security

  • RedirectChecker - A tool to check if and where a link redirects to. Not a 100% thorough check, but can be a good first-level check.
  • Random User Agent - Provides a list of 10 random user-agents.
  • User Agent Parser - Parses user agents to tell you what it can about where a request may have come from.
  • DNSLog - An IP tracker that gives you a temporary subdomain to link requests to. Useful for network debugging.
  • Emkei’s Mailer - A tool used for sending emails to and from any address. Current testing seems to indicate it’s no longer working, but keeping it here for prosperity’s sake.

Programming & OS Management



  • The Forest - A site to help yourself get lost in the wilds of the world wide web.
  • The Grug Brained Developer - Grug write manifesto telling other grugs good ways to stay sane in work place
  • TIC-80 - A complete fictitious computer with its own programming language. Very active community making retro styled games and demos.
  • Ye Olde Blogroll - A large, curated list of personal blogs.
  • No Hello (English) - Got somebody who frequently opens messages with “Hello”, and won’t continue the conversation until you reply? Just send them here!
  • You Wouldn’t Edit A Meme - Editor to create your own variation of the classic “You wouldn’t download a car” meme.
  • The 88x31 GIF Collection - A collection of hundreds of 88x31 pixel badges. Many of the ones in my footer are from here.

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