What're We Listening To

A couple years ago, my partner and I were stopped at a red light. We had our music up a little loud, and were dancing in our seats while we waited for the light. The music was definitely loud enough that it could be heard by other cars, but not clearly, ya know? Like, if you were to pull up next to us, you’d know we had music on, but probably wouldn’t be able to tell what it was, or even a rhythm.

An older lady (60’s?) pulls up next to us, rolls down her window, and asks something. I turn down the music, and ask her what she said, and she replies, “What’re we listening to?” She seemed genuinely interested. So, I crank the volume, and my partner and I begin dancing again. And ya know what? She starts dancing too!

For what was probably less than 10 seconds, that lady and us shared a moment I’ll never forget. When the light turned green, we turned in opposite directions, and the moment was over.

We’ll probably never cross paths again, but I hope she’s having a nice day.

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