No It's Not

Not a story about a stranger this time, but instead about an interaction I had in Japanese class. (On that note, 日本語にほんごはなせましょ!)

One day, after class, I stayed after to ask my teacher something. I forget exactly what about, but it pertained to how a sentence should be written out. So I’m writing on the chalkboard, and some of my classmates gather round to watch. One of them says from behind me, “Wow, your handwriting is so nice!”

And then to my side I hear my sensei quietly say to herself, “No it’s not.”

Those words still play in my head. Like, damn, I didn’t think my handwriting was actually good, but that was just cold.

Anyways, all my love to her. She was a great sensei, even if a bit ruthless sometimes.

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