Ya ever forget what you’re wearing until someone comments on it, and then you have to take a moment to remember what it is they’re commenting on?

Some years ago, when I was living a little ways north of where I am now, there was a UDF gas station that my partner and I liked to frequent. It always had the best prices in the area. Often working there, though, was this one guy. I have to assume he was autistic, as am I, due to the way he acted. I also gathered that he was the manager. He was always very curt, both with his staff as well as his customers. It became obvious to me that he had very high standards, and not many people could meet those standards.

One day I go in to pay for my gas. So there I am, waiting in line, and this guy is ringing up the person in front of me. Out of nowhere, the guy stops what he’s doing, points at me, and loudly announces, “Hellraiser, 1987!”

Thoroughly confused, I look around for a moment before realizing that he was talking about my shirt! I was wearing my “Demons to some / Angels to others” shirt featuring the Lament Configuration.

Immediately he began info dumping about the movie and how it was one of the greatest pieces of cinema out there.

Ya know, I think that was the only time I ever saw him smile.

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