Ok, so here is where you can find out all about me and why I do these videos. Many have asked why, and how, and what software and so forth. So here goes...

First, about the name vzqk50... it's really simple. Back in 1984 or 1985 my company assigned me a login ID on their VAX mainframe computer. I got wise to the fact that no one ever would use it as an ID, and no matter what site or how popular, I could always get that ID, and it was short and easy for me to remember since I had to use it every day. So it was that simple. I have been vzqk50 ever since.

So why do the videos? Again, very simple. I like certain music, and when I travel I like to listen to it on my iPod. I missed having videos for my favorite songs, so I decided to make my own. They are based solely on my visions of what the song says to me. I try to focus on the feeling behind the song. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I honestly welcome discussion and debate regarding my interpretation. I only on very very rare occasions delete any comment, especially those bashing me. Opinions are welcome. I have deleted two or three comments since I started this series of channels. I will say that the listeners are very good at policing the comments and they often flag inappropriate things before I have even seen them. Sometimes they get a little over-zealous and flag things that are not spam or inappropriate in my opinion, but it is good to know other people care.  

What software do I use, and where do I get the pictures. Well, the main software is called Proshow Producer. That is how I arrange, compile, and publish the videos. The photos and art is what makes the whole thing really work, and that takes most of the time. One photo can take days of searching, editing, and transforming. I have a whole host of photo editing software that is also critical to the quality. Photoshop, Onone Perfect Photo Suite, Vertus Fluid Mask, Neat Image. Other valuable tools include Google Image search for finding larger versions of certain art and photos, Tineye search, and a trick I found for searching Flickr using the file name.

For all of my HD videos, the art must be at least better than the video resolution. This obviously presents some challenges. For 1080p that means all art & photos must be at least 1920 x 1080. Also I require that pixilation and jpeg artifacts must not be noticeable in the final product. This can take hours of hand editing the photos to "clean them up".

What do I do during the day? Well, God has blessed me with a wonderful job! I lead a team of engineers globally. We work with a number of companies that supply our company with parts. Our products are the best in the world and very unique in their market, so it makes me very proud to be a part of this. How wonderful to have a great job and a great hobby!

I do the videos in my spare time as I travel, or in the evenings after work. Some take hours, others take days, some even take weeks. I do them only as the inspiration hits me. If you have requested a video, I always listen to the music and see if I can do it then. If not I may try later, or if it is not to be, then it is not to be. I never question God's will in this. I hope you can understand that.

So life is short, I try to focus 100% on the positive! I love God and He is my power and my savior! I believe miracles happen every day, if your mind is open to them. I feel I am a miracle in many ways. People have told me all along my path that you can never do this or that, and every time through God's blessing they have been wrong - always through good honorable means... hard work, dedication, focus, and God's blessing. Money and stuff comes and goes. God and relationships are forever... remember this always!

Best wishes always!